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Easier project completion

Planning is an essential part of every DIY project. Our experts have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms and will advise you on the most efficient way to make your bathroom look amazing!

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Less rework &

better looking finished project

Our experts share their tips and tricks on how to complete your bathroom remodel like a pro.


Here to support your DIY dreams!

Encountered something unexpected?

We can help you troubleshoot and resolve your unique problem. 

Stop endlessly watching DIY videos and only getting some of your questions answered and no plan on how to complete the project

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15-Minute Call

$ 25
  • Video call with an Expert
  • Great for a simple question

30-Minute Call

$ 49
  • Video call with an Expert
  • More advice for a few questions

Bathroom Package

$ 130
  • Initial 1/2 hour video call
  • Two follow up 1/2 hr video calls
  • High level project plan
  • Video calls are with an Expert
Best Value

How we compare

DIY Coach
Google / YouTube
Detailed advice specific to your project
Support from an expert
Return on investment
A finished project to brag about

(1) – ROI is dependent on amount of rework

(2) – Dependent on time researching and on results found


Expert advice specific to the bathroom you want to improve

Here is some of what we we can help with:

  • Create a project plan
  • Where to start & demo advice
  • Plumbing & Electrical advice
  • Framing & Drywall advice
  • Tiling advice – showers, flooring & backsplash
  • Advice on installing new fixtures, toilets & cabinets
  • Advice on finish work & trim
  • Overall project tips & tricks for a less stressful project
All Coaches have +20 years of professional experience

Satisfaction Guarantee for all coaching sessions

Helping homeowners complete DIY projects faster with better results!

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