Our Story

A few years ago, I bought a house that looked great and was told was in “perfect” shape. It turns out the previous homeowners cut many corners when repairs or updates where needed and my “perfect” home quickly turned into a project factory. I have always enjoyed DIY projects and figured that between my experience and Google / YouTube, I would be set to tackle just about anything.

Searching away I found lots of videos and blogs, but the quality of information varied, I often felt that the authors only knew slightly more than I did and usually the exact problem I was trying to solve was not discussed. Overall most of the content I found was not created by experts.

I have often thought that if I could just talk to someone that has worked through my situation and done this before my life would be a lot easier. I created DIY Coach to bring experts into the home DIY conversation. Our goal is to provide a resource that can help educate and empower homeowners.

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